RooGlue Wood Glue Test

When Roo Glue® hits the seam, you can trust it’s gonna hold.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a hobbyist. Your choice of glue matters. That’s where Roo Glue comes in. We offer different formulations to meet every woodworker’s needs. We have white glues, yellow glues, glues with extended open times, glues that are moisture resistant, and glues that have high viscosity, and are VOC free. And as with all our products, each formulation is continually tested and retested to improve its bonding strength and characteristics.

I have used RooClear® for drawer box assemblies using ½” melamine board, and it works at a wide range of temperatures in the shop. It is easy to remove excess. I’m totally satisfied with the product.

Jackie L. Sheffer
Designed, Little Rock, AR